Developmental Learning Program

The Developmental preschool program curriculum involves hands-on learning experience, role playing, manipulatives, basic literacy, listening skills and social skills.  Each week our teacher chooses a topic and develops a unique hands-on learning experience covering Language, Math, Discovery, Fine Motor skills, Gross Motor skills and Art.  The following example shows how children explore and learn a subject in our Developmental class:

Topic of the week:  Apple
Language:  Children are introduced to basic literacy skills, which involve verbal expression, vocabulary development, receptive language development and role play.  Within this topic, they learn to recognize the color, shapes and texture of an apple.  The learning experience may also be enhanced by playing "Hide and Seek" with the letter A.
Math:  Children are introduced to number recognition.  They learn to count the seeds, the apples, count/place apples in a basket and much more.
Art:  Children are encouraged to express themselves through creative art.
Fine Motor Skills:  Children are encouraged to practice using their small muscles.  For example, they perform an exercise such as lacing a picture of an apple.
Gross motor Skills:  Children are encouraged to practice their physical ability while developing their social skills through sharing.  An Apple Relay, where children transfer apples from one basket to another, is a great example for this exercise.
Discovery:  Children listen to a story of “Where in the World an Apple Comes from?” and observe how an apple turns brown if it is left out for a long time.

In this class, teacher assists children as they begin their potty training.  Children must complete their potty training process before transitioning to the Primary class.