Parent Reviews

Thank you for the kind words and feedback from our parents.   We recommend that you read the reviews below to learn what our parents experience in JJLA.   We will be happy to connect you to one of our parents via phone or email to answer any questions you may have directly.

Rudy Villegas
Our son loves his new school and every day he comes home talking about all the fun. He is excited to go every morning and learn more. As parents it gives us a great feeling knowing he is being challenged in his learning capabilities and loves going. The class ratio to teacher, Spanish language class, and all the activities our son brings home to view are just a few things we love about Jack & Jill Learning Academy.

Ginnie Papen
My children have been attending Jack and Jill and working with these teachers for the past four years, and we couldn't be happier with our experience. My twins started going here when they were two, and they were more than prepared for Kindergarten by the time they were finished at the age of five. I now have another two year old in the program, and am looking forward to her having the same wonderful teachers and experience my other daughters received at Jack and Jill Learning Academy.

Jennifer T.
I have 5 year old twin girls that have attended JJLA for 3 years. I have been extremely happy with the curriculum that JJLA provides. When I began researching preschools for my daughters, I wanted them to go to a school with a strong academic emphasis. I have been very pleased with the education they've gotten at JJLA and know they will be well prepared for kindergarten. Also, the staff is wonderful. They are caring, educated people that provide a welcoming atmosphere for the children. I would definitely recommend JJLA.

Jason Herington
Jack and Jill Learning Academy is wonderful! Two of the three of my children attend JJLA. My son loves his teachers and my daughter comes home everyday with a new story of what she learned with her friends. The staff is always friendly and helpful. It speaks volumns when my son hugs his teacher Laura goodbye for the day in tears because he loves her so much. To me that means she treats him kind. My daugher enjoys the spanish and art classes.

Nicole Nelsen
We have been at JJLA for nearly 6 years!!.. Our son who is now in 2nd grade started at the age of 2.5 and loved school every day he went - it was only natural for my daughter to also go. My son went to kindergarten and I was asked by a couple of teachers where he went because of the fundamentals he had learned at JJLA set him up to surpass the levels expected of him. He went to kindergarten confident and knowledgeable and ready to learn the social aspects of a new school versus the fundamentals they were learning/ reviewing. The teachers are caring, fair, and excited to be around kids. My daughter is on the verge of reading before she will get to kindergarten - she will definitely be ready! I am sure she will be as successful.

Christine McMahon
Jack and Jill Learning Academy has been a wonderful preschool for my daughter to attend. Several of their teachers and staff were instructors to my son years back and I am thrilled to have such an amazing staff there to teach my daughter as well. Having such caring and attentive staff has helped me to feel confident and secure in my choice of preschool. My daughter truly loves the time she spends at school each day and has made wonderful friends through their program. Their instruction has helped her to blossom, and I know that she will be more than prepared as she enters kindergarten in the fall thanks to their academic program and application. They really do work hard to make sure that they are on top of their game making the material not only educational but tangible for each age group. The concepts and their multi faceted way of instructing has made learning fun for my daughter, and of all the things I could gain from having my child in preschool, that to me is the most valuable. She is excited about learning, that is priceless! I would recommend this academy to any parent who wants their child to develop a love of learning, curiosity, and imagination.

Michele Morrow
JJLA has been a great academic preschool for my son and daughter. My kids have learned so much and I feel confident that they will be ready for kindergarten when their time comes. I really like that the school has small class sizes which allows the teachers to give individualized attention and get to really know the children. The teachers keep their classes structured but they also provide a nurtured environment and genuinely care about their students. I don't consider JJLA a daycare center but an academic preschool with flexible options. I think it is great that the school can provide those working parents an academic preschool and not limited to a daycare center without any academic focus. I would recommend JJLA to anyone looking for an academic preschool with a strong curriculum and great teachers that can inspire students to love learning.

Lauren Reyes
I brought my daughter here after having dealt with a lesser daycare and I couldn't be happier with the choice. The staff is wonderful and very inviting and my daughter loves to go to school. Even on weekends she ask me to go to school. They have a curriuculum and all teachers are more than qualified to teach. I am truly happy that my daughter is at place that actually wants to teach her and not just be a babysitter while I am at work. They will take care of you and treat you like part of the family! Love them!

T. Coyle
The school provided our daughter with a well-rounded Pre-K experience, which included academic and social skills! She never wanted to miss a day of school.

Christina R
Last summer I looked long and hard for a preschool that would help my sensitive son to develop the social and academic skills he'd need to survive in the public schools. At the time, I was very concerned about his ability to handle the stresses of a large kindergarten. Once I toured Jack and Jill Learning Academy and met with the director, I knew I'd found the answer! The fact that each teacher is degreed in elementary or early childhood education and is certified in their specific areas of instruction (i.e. math, reading, social studies, etc.) was impressive. My son thrived in their program. The class sizes are kept small, so each child gets a lot of individual attention and help. There is a big focus on learning proper social skills and manners as well. The academic program is amazing. My son loved the rotation of classes, which kept his interest and fulfilled his need to move and change settings every so often. The Pre-K program in this school is stellar, and I know my son is now more than ready to start Kindergarten in the fall. Because of this school, he is reading, writing simple stories, adding and subtracting, and even speaking a bit of Spanish! Thank you, JJLA, for giving my son the gifts of confidence and learning!

Jennifer Wheelock
I am blown away by what my children have learned while attending Jack & Jill Learning Academy. I have enrolled my children in other Preschools but quickly found them to me nothing more than a glorified daycare. Jack & Jill Learning Academy provided us Academics incomparable to the offerings at the other preschools. Having one child in Elementary School, I feel like my recent graduate of Jack & Jill Learning Academy is going into Kindergarden above the level that most Kindergardeners start at. I believe that the success my child will have in school will be in large part due to the academics and learning structures taught by Jack & Jill Learning Academy.

Monica Johnson
The director and all its personal are great people, with a nice charisma, and the education for my kid it was outstanding, I can be sure now that my daughter will be doing a great job in kindergarten thanks of all knowledge she received in this school. Not being more , I just highly recommend this school.

Jenny Smith
I love the small classes--12 to 1 student/teacher ratio! Plus, all the teachers are degreed/certified teachers--they go above and beyond and love their students.