Primary through Pre-Kindergarten Program

We have created a unique experience for your children to prepare for “big school” readiness when they go to Kindergarten.  There are seven different subjects in our Primary and Pre-K preschool program.  These are Language, Math, Discovery, Fine Motor Lab / Writing, Gross Motor, Spanish and Art.  Each subject is taught by our certified teacher using a structured and well balanced curriculum.

The core curriculum of our Language program is reading.  Children learn the sounds of letters early on in our program.  Beginning in the Primary class, we group the alphabet into five sets, with each set containing a short vowel and consonant.  The children will complete the alphabet and learn how each sounds as they go.  The Pre-K class will be introduced to the alphabet in the same way, but with the addition of blending.  This breakdown of the alphabet into small sections, coupled with immediate blending, enables them to start making words and reading right away, thus building confidence.  While continuing to blend the first set of sounds, the next set of sounds will be introduced until the groups are completed.

Math is not readily accessible to a child because, more than any other subject, it deals with abstraction.  Beginning in the Primary class, we begin with concept of quantity, shapes and number recognition.  As they go through Pre-K class, they will continue their learning with advance concept of quantity, concept of symbols, composition and decomposition of numbers, search of ten, place value, numeration beyond ten, static addition, hundred boards, memorization of facts (+) and subtraction.

Fine Motor Lab/Writing
When it comes to using gross motor skills (things like walking, jumping and running), your child probably doesn't need much encouragement.  But it's equally important that a child works on his/her fine motor skills (small muscle, precise thumb, fingers, hands and wrist movements) because they support a host of other vital physical and mental skills.  We will be doing exercises that promote the fine motor skills which will enhance your child’s fluency in writing.

There is so much to learn about our world.  Here at JJLA we go through every aspect of our world through geography, history, culture, zoology, botany and planets.  Our teacher will guide the children through various different experiments/activities which will allow them to have a real life experience on the workings of the life cycle and the world around us.

Gross Motor
Developing gross motor skills is an essential part of development.  Gross motor skills are essential because a child’s body develops from large movements with arms and legs to smaller more refined movements of the hands and fingers.  At JJLA, our Gross Motor curriculum covers not only the importance of training our children’s development from the outside (physical movement), but also the importance of our physical well being (health and nutrition).  In addition to large movement activities, we go through many different exercises that involve using sensory experience.

Preschool is the perfect time to learn another language.  Young children find it easy to learn languages; it is what young children do naturally.  Their brains are wired to do it.  With Sonrisas as our curriculum, we use music, games, role-play, stories, drama and art.

JJLA curriculum covers art history, drawing, painting and crafts.